Helpful Information for New Patients

Here’s some basic information about chiropractic care you should know. Typically patients are within one of three distinct phases of treatment after receiving foundational care, which are listed below.

Foundational Care

Chiropractic careIn order to achieve the highest level of health, the body needs to develop strong underlying systems upon which other muscles and tissue can rely. A common analogy for this is the construction of a house: in order for a house to have true stability, it must be constructed upon a solid foundation. All new patients will receive this foundational assessment and treatment to achieve optimal results.

One: Pain Relief

If you’re coming into our office with any kind of back or neck pain, our first priority is to help you feel better. Depending on the factors of your condition, it is typical to recommend regular acute care for 6-12 weeks to achieve long-term results.

Two: Corrective Treatment

This phase of treatment results in the growth of muscle and tissue that’s been affected by a patient’s condition. In order to recover completely from surgery or a local injury, we’ll generally recommend care for 6-12 months to ensure an optimal recovery.

Three: Wellness Therapy

After your body has recovered from any injuries it’s sustained and restored muscle and tissue health, we’ll focus on maintaining your health with periodic adjustments. In the wellness therapy phase of treatment, we’ll recommend that you come into our office for a quick adjustment several times per month depending on the details of your condition.

Insurance Information

Please note that Dr. Anna accepts Aetna, Carefirst, Blue Cross, and Anthem insurance carriers. Should you have any questions about whether or not your insurance is compliant, don’t hesitate to get in touch at either the Annandale or Fairfax or online.

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